Week 1: Assignment

Have your say! What areas of IT interest you?

During class in Week 2, you’ll receive a list of IT topics. You’ll be asked to choose one of these for the basis of your research and writing project for the autumn term.

Each of the IT topics on the list concerns IT in a larger context — in education, society, health care, sports, politics, human rights, etc. What IT topics interest you? Add your comments to this post to propose your own ideas to be added to the list of topics for next week.

Click ‘Leave a Comment’ on the left. Read what others have written, reply to others, write your own comment.

Image source: CC 2.0 BY Esparta


11 thoughts on “Week 1: Assignment

  1. Please add your name and comments here. Thanks!

  2. IT Psychology: The effects of the Internet on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

  3. The effects of electronics use and the Internet on sleeping patterns.

  4. The effects of IT on the medical and health industry.

  5. The effects of IT on the photography and advertising industries

  6. The evolution of IT: What does the future hold?, what can possibly follow on from the technologies such as the Internet?

    • Thanks, Eugene, Claire and Juian! Great to have some new topics to add to this list – these are all areas that could be developed further for research/writing assignments this term. Thanks.

  7. the effect of video games on the psychosis of young people today. how it effects the way they take on daily challenges in real life.

    • This is a good topic, Jack. But please change the word “psychosis” to “psychology”. I think you’ll find this opens up the options for researching this topic. Great addition to our list.

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