Week 1: Introduction

Introduction to Professional Skills

Great to meet you all today! I appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to break out of the usual lecture structure to share your ideas and jump straight into some group work. I look forward to getting to know each of you over the next few weeks.

We began by reviewing the purpose and structure of the Professional Skills course — this information is detailed here on the course blog in the first two posts (at the bottom of this page) and on the About CT231 page (link above right). I explained that this blog will be our main hub for the course, while Blackboard will be used for keeping track of assignments and grades. Please check into the blog  regularly; there will be at least 3 posts here each week:

  • Check the Before Week x post  in the days preceeding our Tuesday class. This post will contain a link to at least one video or article to help you to prepare for class. It will also contain a reminder of upcoming deadlines for assignments.
  • The Week x post will summarise what we’ve covered and discussed together during class. This will be useful if you want to review what we did in class or if you miss a class. Attending and participating in class is very important for this course — we will be actively learning together each week.
  • The Week x Assignment post will provide information on the current assignment. If you have a question about the assignment, just add a comment to the post and I will respond here in the blog.

Near the end of class today I asked you which social networks you use. After a quick discussion in small groups, you came up with the following list:

We’ll use a few of these networks during this course, and we’ll compare their uses and merits. We already have a course Twitter account @CT231 (see recent tweets on the right side of this page) and my own Twitter account is @catherinecronin. Next week we’ll discuss how we’ll use Twitter for the course.

Looking forward to working with you!

Image source: CC BY-SA catherine cronin


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