Week 2: Digital Identity & Twitter

Digital Identity | Search | Twitter

This week we began exploring the idea of digital identity — basically, everything by and about us online. Have you Googled yourself lately? What about searching for your name on other search engines, besides Google? I asked everyone to do this before we meet again next week. See what you can find about yourself online, think about what you find, and think about what you’d like to be there in just over 2.5 years when you graduate with your BSc degree. Part of your work in the course will be to take a proactive approach to your digital identity.

Search for your digital identity or “digital footprint”:

We watched this Social Media Revolution video in class. This is about brands… are you a brand online?

We’ll be using Twitter for class so it’s up to you whether you’d like to use your existing Twitter account (if you have one!) or whether you’d like to create a new account. Be sure to think about your profile name, bio and photo or avatar before you add them. We’ll be sharing tweets amongst ourselves, but also with a wider community — including some of the authors we’ll be studying.

If you’re new to Twitter, or if you’re using it already and would like to get more out of it, Mashable has a great collection of resources:

Mashable >>  The Twitter Guide Book

Finally, check out Assignment #1 here in the blog… and let me know if you have any questions. You can tweet to @CT231, send a Direct Message on Twitter to @CT231, or send me an email.


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