Week 3: Annotated Bibliography

Research: Annotated Bibliography

==> your annotated bibliography (Assignment #1) is DUE next week, 25th Sept.

In this course you’ll practice many different forms of writing: short posts, tweets, presentations, and of course, academic reports. In each case, you’ll require writing skills as well as an awareness of the codes and conventions of the particular writing form. For example, this week we discussed some of the codes used in Twitter:

  • #ct231 — A hashtag in a tweet  makes it easy to find. If you set up a Twitter client on your laptop (e.g. HootSuite or TweetDeck) set up a column for each hashtag you’re interested in, making it easy to see those tweets. On a mobile Twitter app, just Search for the hashtag.
  • @ct231 — A username in a tweet means that person will see your tweet. Set up a “Mentions” column in your Twitter client to see tweets directed to you, or click @ on your mobile Twitter app.
  • d ct231 — A direct message or DM means you can send a tweet privately to another user; the equivalent of sending someone a text message.
  • There are many other codes and conventions used in Twitter, check out the Mashable guide for more:  The Twitter Guide Book

This week we also explored all the steps between choosing a research topic and producing an academic report about that topic… writing an annotated bibliography is just one of these.

1. Selecting a topic

You’ve chosen a topic by now. As you progress with your reading and research, you can adapt the scope of the topic, if you wish. If the scope is too broad you can narrow it — for example, looking at just one example of a technology, or Irish rather than global examples. If you’re not sure about this, please check with me.

2. Research the topic

Use the search and research skills reviewed in class to focus your research:

  • Google
    • Search tools (left panel) to refine your search
    • Advance Search (under Settings icon) to hone your search terms and deepen your search
    • Google Scholar (under More) to search scholarly articles only
    • Library Links — add NUI Galway library (under Settings icon in Google Scholar)
  • Beyond Google
    • Use other search engines
    • Use the NUI Galway Library to search a huge range of journals & databases. Do check out the huge range of Support available at the Library for students.

3. Write an Annotated Bibliography (Assignment #1)

An annotated bibliography is just a concise summary of your research. The advantage of doing an annotated bibliography in this class is that you’ll get a chance to dig into your research first, without worrying about writing the full report yet. You’ll also get to practice how to construct academic citations

4. Write a Report (Assignment #2)

Assignment #2 will be discussed in class next week (Sept. 25th)


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