Before Week 7

Tomorrow in class we’ll have our scheduled Writing Skills Workshop — a practical session to explore and practice structuring, paraphrasing and summarising. Hopefully, this will help you to refine your writing skills as you complete your reports (Assignment #2, due Tuesday, Oct. 23rd).

We’ll also have a short Twitter chat for the last 20 minutes of class. Our online activity last week caught the attention of a few members of academic staff here at NUI Galway who are taking (and teaching) the Learning Technologies module (Twitter hashtag #cel263). The academic staff involved in this module would like to join us for a short Twitter chat to explore the following question:

How can higher education use social media to enhance learning?

What are your thoughts? This is a great opportunity to share your/our views with academic staff across the University who are exploring the same question. We’ll participate in the chat via our class Twitter account @CT231 and you can participate from your own individual Twitter accounts if you wish. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. 🙂

Image source: CC BY-NC Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas theconversationprism


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