Week 7: Writing Workshop

Part 1. Writing Workshop: Using Source Material ~ This week we discussed important aspects of academic writing such as structuring (including the importance of good introductions and conclusions), referencing, and how to use source material. The key thing to remember is that the report is your work: your choice of topic, your choice of source material, your decision on scope (what to include, what not to include), your structure, and yes, your argument. You are constructing a response to a research question or topic and you are using source material to support your argument throughout.

So how do you actually use source material? There are three main ways: paraphrasing, summarising and using direct quotations. We reviewed and practiced each of these in class (using the following notes):

Writing Workshop: Using Source Material (pdf)

In each case, it’s important to actively read the article, considering the author’s point of view and potential bias, identifying key points, and thinking about how it relates to your research topic. We practiced this by reading the following article by Dave Copeland: For Social Media in the Classroom to Work, Instructors Need Best Practices, discussing the article and identifying how one could paraphrase, summarise, and directly quote key points.

Part 2. Twitter Chat: Social Media in Higher Ed ~ As outlined in the previous post, we agreed to join a group of academic staff in a Twitter chat during the last 20 minutes of our class, discussing the following question: How can higher education use social media to enhance learning? It was a lively 20 minutes! There was a flurry of tweets from our class, both from individual students and our class Twitter account @CT231, as well as from various academic staff across the University (all connected with the Learning Technologies module). Sharon Flynn compiled a Storify of the Twitter chat here:

Twitter chat: How can HE use social media to enhance learning?

The conversation continues on Twitter, using hashtags #ct231 and #cel263.

Image source: CC BY 2.0 Jason A. Howie


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