Week 11: Social Media dynamics

Curating & Filtering the Web

This week we discussed some of the dynamics of social media — beginning with the story of Martha Payne and her Never Seconds blog. Digital literacies regarding social media are essential today — not just for students but for educators, professionals, and indeed all citizens. An essential digital literacy is the ability to curate and filter the web as a means of dealing with the tsunami of information online. These ideas, along with several relevant sources, are shared in the following presentation which we discussed in class this week. Key resources are also available on our list of Readings and Resources (link above).  Be sure also to check out our CT231 scoop.it where module-related content is featured regularly.


Creating a Professional Online Presence using LinkedIn

After our discussion of curation, I shared the following presentation Developing a Professional Online Presence as a Graduate (using LinkedIn) by Sue Beckingham of Sheffield Hallam University.
Please view this presentation and follow the 10 steps outlined to create (or improve) your own LinkedIn profile. You can begin creating your connections by connecting to members of staff in the IT department — but do follow the advice in Sue Beckingham’s presentation in order to make the most of LinkedIn. Please be sure to have your LinkedIn profile created by the start of next term — we’ll explore in more detail then.


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