Digital Media Projects

The final student assignment in CT231 is a Digital Media Project. The project brief invites students to create a media artefact which is of value to people outside of our course, outside the university, to share their knowledge and skills in some way. Students choose their own topics and decide what type of media to develop; students make their own decisions about whether to work individually, in pairs or in teams. Our work during the module exploring digital identity, social media, social networking, hashtags, etc. has been useful in further exploring how these digital media artefacts could be shared openly.

Following is a list of links to the Digital Media Projects created and shared by CT231 students. Although the CT231 module ended on March 21st, 2013, the #ct231 online community continues. We look forward to connecting and communicating across our global networks, particularly with our partners in the #icollab project. Please share your comments and feedback with the creators, within the artefacts themselves and/or here on the blog. Thank you!

Do We Act Differently On The Internet? short film by Jack Grier, Julian Kelly, Kieran Durcan, Gordon Noone

Stop Cyberbullying website by Darren Meehan and Evan Maloney

Who You Are anti-bullying video by Grace Dwyer, Tara Reilly

Technology’s Benefits and Possibilities website by Shannon Moran

Press StART: Gaming as an Artform audio podcast series by Tom O’Neil, John Wyza, David Concannon, John McHugh

Busy Blog: exploring distraction blog by Tatjana Vasilevska

The Guitar Barre website by Eamon McKelvey

Build Your Own Computer website by Dara Kilroy

ASAP: Assisting Students to Avoid Plagiarism website by Colm Rudden

The Impact of Technology in Sport website by Katie Gibbons, Poraich Troy, Brian Neary

Search Engine Optimisation website by Conor Gorman

Helping the Elderly with Computer Usage YouTube video by Tom McShane, Eoin Carroll, Ross Finnegan, Robert Naessens

A Blog to Help Those Less IT-Educated blog by Kevin Nicholson

Short Guide to Music Theory website by Nathan Flynn

Social Networking website by Ruairi Finnegan

How Future Interaces Can Help People Overcome Obstacles website by Aaron Barry, Patrick Claffey, Daragh Gubbins

Microchipping Dogs in Ireland website by Eilis Casey, Claire Hannon

A Beginner’s Guide to Encryption website by Eugene Conway

Using Photoshop website by Drew Farnon

Chance, Change and Contemplation futurology website by Conor Perill

Privacy Tips website by Darren Tighe



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