Week 1: Course introduction

Welcome to CT231! This Professional Skills module focuses on research and communication skills and the use of social media for collaboration and learning. During class in Week 1, I reviewed the Course Description and Course Calendar (links at top of this page) and the learning approach for the course (summarised in the two quotes in previous post, below).

I explained that we’ll use this course blog as our main hub for course activities. It has the advantage of being open not just to those of us participating in the course, but to other students and staff here at NUI Galway, as well as anyone interested in what we are discussing and learning, wherever they may be. The course also has a presence on Blackboard, which will be used for some assignments, for posting and tracking grades, and for coordinating email communications. All course content, however, will be here in the blog (Blackboard links back here to the blog).

In next week’s class we’ll explore research and search methods in some detail, as well as social media tools which could be helpful. Please do the following before our Week 2 class:

  • Familiarise yourself with the course setup here in the blog, as well as on Blackboard
  • Choose a research topic from the Topic List (or add your own) and add your name to the list identify this.

Feel free to post a comment or question here. Looking forward to meeting you next week!


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