Assignment #1: Annotated Bibliography

=> Link for Assignment #1 due on September 24th

Assignment #1 is an Annotated Bibliography. An annotated bibliography is simply a summary of your research. The advantage of doing an annotated bibliography in this course is that you’ll get a chance to dig into your research first, before worrying about writing a full report (Assignment #2). You’ll also get to practice how to construct academic citations.

There are 3 parts to Assignment #1:

  1. Choose a research topic
  2. Create your Twitter account  for use in this class & follow @CT231
  3. Write an Annotated Bibliography based on your research for your topic

We’ll be collaborating to create one, single, crowd-sourced Annotated Bibliography with entries from everyone’s research (!). Each student will post two entries to our CT231 Annotated Bibliography on Google Drive. All of the required instructions are in the Assignment #1 link above. This link also contains links to the two key resources you’ll need for the assignment:


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