Week 6: Researchers & writers

In Week 6, we reviewed where we are so far. Each student by now will have:

  • Chosen a research topic — or created your own — from the Topic List
  • Begun searching for sources & researching your topic
  • Chosen two sources and described these in entries in our crowd-sourced Annotated Bibliography (Assignment #1)

The task over the next week or so is to continue the research process and to write a report (described in Assignment #2). In class many questions were raised about sources, searching, writing and referencing. There is helpful information in the previous week’s posts here in the blog, as well as on the WRAP page. In addition here are the rough notes generated from our class discussion…


Also in class, we discussed and agreed the criteria for assessing the reports:

Marking Criteria for Assignment #2 (Report)

  • STRUCTURE: includes introduction outlining your approach; clear structure throughout the report; concluding with a summary paragraph to wrap up key points
  • CONTENT: information is explained clearly; content is correct & accurate; sources used are relevant and up-to-date
  • WRITING STYLE: written in 3rd person; clear, concise & correct use of language
  • REFERENCING: correct use of APA style for both in-text citations and the reference list

Next week in class (Week 7: 15th October), we’ll explore social media and curation tools for research, for example: Twitter, Diigo, Delicious, EndNote, Zotero, Scoop.it, Storify, etc. We’ll have a Twitter chat with other students and members of staff. And you’ll have an opportunity to work on your report, individually or in small groups, ask questions and get feedback.


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