Assignment #4: Presentation

Assignment #4 is due on the date assigned to you — please see the schedule on Blackboard (presentation dates are spread between late January and late March).

Assignment #4 is an in-class presentation based on your research topic from the 1st term. Please see the presentation resources in the post below (or click the tag presentations) for plenty of helpful advice. Post questions here in the blog, on Twitter (using #ct231) or contact Catherine.

During class on January 23rd, students collaborated in class to create the presentation marking guidelines which will be used to assess the presentations:


  • clear structure: beginning – middle – end

  • ideas flow from one to another


  • accurate, true and up-to-date

  • aimed at appropriate level (2nd year IT)

  • original (not someone else’s presentation/story)


  • relevant images/pictures (not text-dense)

  • Creative Commons-licensed  images (citing CC license information)

  • no bullet points

  • colour
  • 20 slides – no more, no less


  • interactive / engage the audience

  • speak clearly

  • show your in-depth knowledge & your interest!

  • don’t learn the presentation by rote (can use brief notes)


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