Student presentations & social media


We’ve had a fascinating few weeks in CT231 Professional Skills! For our past four sessions, students have delivered in-class presentations, using Ignite or Pecha Kucha formats. Students selected their own presentation topics, and chose whether they wanted to work individually or in pairs. Presentation topics have ranged from Augmented Reality to the Future of Motoring, and Identity Theft to the Integration of IT in Sport. The use of timed presentation styles as a design constraint has proved to be a great success. Students have used compelling images and metaphors to tell their stories — with hardly a bullet point to be found. 🙂

With each new set of presentations, we are learning about different IT-related issues — as well different presentation skills and styles. However, as part of their efforts to share and engage beyond our own our CT231 class community, most students are opting to assign Creative Commons licenses to their presentations and to post, tag and share them online. Students use both #ct231 and #icollab hashtags, in order to engage with their peers in the #icollab community of practice, as well as with wider networks.

For the past few years, CT231 student work has been shared via the CT231 Student Showcase on This year, presentations also are being curated using Flipboard — click the cover image below to go directly to the online magazine:

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 16.47.37

Some students have also agreed to be filmed while delivering their presentations — a great way of learning about their presentation skills as well as getting feedback from others. All of these videos area available on Bambuser using the #ct231 hashtag.

Over the coming weeks, additional presentations will be added to the and Flipboard collections, and students also will be sharing their final Digital Media Projects. We look forward to 5 more student presentations this week, as well as a visit from Bea de los Arcos, of the OER Research Hub project. There will be live tweeting on Thursday, February 27th, from 1-2pm (GMT). Please join us via #ct231.

You can find current updates at any time at any of these links:


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