Course description

CT231 2012-13 image v2CT231 Professional Skills is a 2nd year course in the BSc Computer Science and Information Technology programme at NUI Galway. The course covers a range of topics related to research and communication: search and research strategies, evaluating sources, referencing, writing, presenting, online publishing, curation, and teamwork. To complement this focus on the practices of research and communication, we will study and discuss a wide range of digital and social media topics, e.g. digital identity, privacy, openness, Personal Learning Networks (PLNs) and more. Each student will research a topic of their own choice, write and publish in different formats, prepare and deliver a presentation, and participate in online social networks about course topics.

Creative Commons images: smwright, Susan NYC, Jason A. Howie

For more information please contact Catherine Cronin at @catherinecronin or catherine [dot] cronin [at] nuigalway [dot] ie.


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