Readings & Resources (2012-14)

♦ Crowdsourced annotated bibliography on IT topics (created by students):

CT231 Annotated Bibliography (2013) by 2nd year BSc CS+IT students

♦ Social media, networks, digital identity & digital literacies:

Doug Belshaw @dajbelshaw (2012) The essential elements of digital literacies – ebook & TEDxWarwick talk

danah boyd @zephoria (2012) Social network sites as networked publics

Stephen Downes @downes (2010) Collaboration and cooperation

Harold Jarche @hjarche (2012) Communities and the coherent enterprise: Collaborative, cooperative, connected

Nathan Jurgenson @nathanjurgenson (2012) Digital dualism and the fallacy of web objectivity

Nathan Jurgenson @nathanjurgenson (2012) The IRL fetish

Alan Levine @cogdog (2012) We, our digital selves, and us [VIDEO]

Alice Marwick @alicetiara (2012) The public domain: Surveillance in everyday life

Pew Internet and American Life Project @pewinternet by Mary Madden, et al (2013) Teens, social media and privacy

Christopher “moot” Poole @moot (2010) The case for anonymity online (2010) TED Talk [VIDEO]

K. Rajagopol, D. Joosten-ten Brinke, J. Van Bruggen, P. B. Sloep (2012) Understanding personal learning networks: Their structure, content, and the networking skills need to optimally use them

Howard Rheingold @hrheingold (2012) NetSmart

Howard Rheingold @hrheingold (2010) Shelly Terrell: Global netweaver, curator, PLN builder

Tom Scott @tomscott (2010) I know what you did five minutes ago Ignite Talk [VIDEO]

Bonnie Stewart @bonstewart (2012) Digital identities: Six key selves of networked publics

Zeynep Tufecki @zeynep (2012) Breaking bread, Breaking digital dualism

Sherry Turkle @sturkle (2011) Alone Together: Why we expect more from technology and less from each other

Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth (2012) Digital literacies for engagement in emerging online cultures

Search, research & curation skills:

Robin Good @robingood (2011) Content curation and the future of search: The Howard Rheingold interview

Google (2013) Search Education lessons

MindShift @MindShiftKQED (2011) 12 ways to be more search savvy

Eli Pariser @elipariser (2011) The Filter Bubble: What the Internet is hiding from you

Eli Pariser @elipariser (2011) Beware online filter bubbles (2011) TED Talk [VIDEO]

Education & inspiration:

Joel Lovell @lovelljoel (2013) George Saunders’s advice to graduates – New York Times

Michael Wesch @mwesch & students (2009) A vision of students today [VIDEO]

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